Football at the Sportscenter, Billund IF


Children from the age of 5 (born 2011) can join a football team at Billund IF
There is also training for teenagers and adults - both men and women. 

The teams have training once or twice a week, depending on age. Many of the teams participate in matches or tournaments.

Teams are led by a couple of trainers, who are all volunteers at the club, ensuring fun and educational training sessions, with a focus on helping the children improve their football skills. 

The club depends on the parents to lend a helping hand, especially for the teams of the smaller children, by helping the trainers setting up training, such as getting cones and balls ready, tying shoelaces, and just being there to help out (no football experience required). 

 Keep an eye on the website to see when training suitable for you or your child will start.  under "hold tilmelding" over on the right, you will be able to see the time schedule, name of trainers and prices. This is also where you pay, by choosing the team you want to join.

 We hope you are encouraged to try it out (the first 3 sessions are free of charge) in the coming season. You do how ever, have to pay before you are allowed to take part in matches. 

First time at training have a chat with the trainer, they will be able to help you and answer most questions you might have about the club and training, otherwise fell free to email me at; or PM me via Facebook messenger 

On behalf of the football board i Billund IF Fodbold
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